Notice to patients

We are experiencing a high demand on the service and we are sorry for your inconvenience. This is owing to staff shortages and a reduction in appointments available. The Receptionists will do their best to help you and get you seen as soon as possible. To help you (if you do not have any symptoms) you can also get a home testing kit from our website. We hope to address our staffing shortfall as soon as possible. Please look out for further information on our website.


Do you want a sexual health check-up for peace of mind? Click the box on our homepage to order an STI test kit online. Then, just fill in the online form and a kit will be delivered to you. You will get a freepost envelope with your kit to return it to us - just pop your test and forms into the envelope and put it in your nearest post box. It's as easy as that!


Here's how it works, just click HERE to order yours today!



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