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Pregnancy test and advice

If you think you may pregnant you can call into one of our clinics to discuss it with one of the nurses.
A pregnancy test is free and confidential and can be done 3 weeks after unprotected sex or from the first day of a missed period.
The sooner you find that you’re pregnant, the more options you have.
If the test is positive the nurse will explain your options and provide you with the appropriate information based on your decision.
You may wish to take time to think about your decision and return to the clinic at a later date

I'm pregnant, what are my options?

Keeping the baby

If you are pregnant and continuing with the pregnancy you can visit one of our clinics where a member of staff can support you to access the right health care and services that can offer you further help and support.

Referrals can be made to appropriate agencies on your behalf. These could include your GP (doctor) Young person’s Midwifes and Family Nurse Partnership.

You can refer yourself to a young person’s midwife if you are under the age of 18 years on baby’s due date.

A family member can also make a referral to the young person midwifes for you, your GP (doctor), the early pregnancy unit & the Whitworth clinic may also refer you.

To make a referral please contact:

Central Manchester – 0161 276 4245

South Manchester – 07970 976902

North Manchester – 07779 613130


Abortion and Termination mean exactly the same thing. It is up to each individual to choose whether to have an abortion.

In the UK under the 1967 Abortion Act, abortion is legal up to 24 weeks gestation, with the consent of 2 doctors.

Who can have an abortion?

Anyone in England, Scotland or Wales can get an abortion free on the NHS. Even if you are under 16 you can get a free and confidential abortion, this means that only those you choose to tell will know about the abortion.

Who would I have to tell if I wanted an abortion?

The only people you would have to tell would be the clinic providing the abortion. It might help to talk to a partner, family member, carer or friend.

What happens if I choose to have an abortion?

At The Northern you can talk to one of the nurses or doctors to discuss any concerns you might have and they can help you book an appointment if this is what you wish. A GP can also refer you to an abortion clinic. In Manchester you can also refer yourself using the Central Booking system by calling 0845 365 0565.

For more information visit  or 


Adoption is a way of providing a child with new legal parents.

Adoptions are arranged by adoption agencies but are made legally binding by the courts. If you are considering adoption it is a good idea to get expert advice as soon as possible.

You can get advice from:

  • Social workers
  • A voluntary adoption agency
  • Hospital social workers who work in maternity clinics

For more information visit: 

Tel: 0207 421 2600

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