Important Updates

Dedicated PrEP Clinics

We are introducing dedicated clinics for people already accessing PrEP find out more here

Telephone Issues

Our main telephone line 701 1555 is experiencing issues please see Our Clinics for alternate contact numbers for local clinics


From Monday 4th November 2019, we will release online booking slots at 8.30am. These slots will be for the following working day.

The PrEP Clinic

PrEP is a pill you can take to help protect you from HIV.

To get more information about PrEP, how to take it and where to get it from, click here 

If you are already getting PrEP through the IMPACT trial and need a top up, or if you source it privately/buy it online and need a check-up, we have set up specific PrEP clinics to monitor this for you.

To book yourself into one of these PrEP clinics, you first need to fill in an online self-assessment. This will be reviewed by a clinician who will make sure that a repeat PrEP prescription is safe for you. Once this is done, we will get in touch with you by phone or e-mail to organise your appointment for a sexual health screen, kidney check and to top up your PrEP (if you are on the IMPACT trial and eligible).

Please note that we are unable to address other sexual health needs during this appointment. If you need vaccines, have symptoms or want to speak to a doctor or nurse please book an appointment online in the general clinic.

Proceed to Self Assessment Form

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