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Due to COVID-19 our clinics can no longer be 'walked into'. We have temporarily moved to telephone appointments. Please do not come to clinic unless told to do so. You will be advised by telephone before being booked in to attend in person. It is important that if you have been asked to attend one of our clinics, you wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth. Wherever possible please attend clinic alone. If there are any specific reasons you need to attend with someone else, this must be discussed during your telephone consultation.
23/11/2020 We are experiencing technical issues with our phone line at The Hathersage Centre (0161 701 1555). We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



The IMPACT study has now closed. Everyone who has been on IMPACT will be eligible for ongoing supplies of free PrEP from their respective clinic. This will continue until the NHS PrEP program has been set up. We need to see all IMPACT patients before Monday 12th October for their final trial visit so if we haven't seen you in the last 3 months please book online through the PrEP Self Assessment Form below. You can pick up another 3 boxes of PrEP when you come in.

Due to staff being required to support elsewhere in the hospital Trafford Impact patients are now being managed through the Hathersage centre

Briefing note: Routine provision of PrEP in Manchester

At the beginning of July Local Authorities received confirmation of the funding available to routinely commission the provision of PrEP.

Services and commissioners across Greater Manchester are looking at how we implement routine provision of PrEP now that funding is available. This is happening alongside the recovery of service provision from the impact of staffing and resource redeployment for the COVID-19 response and the continued limitations to service delivery, particularly face to face appointments, which are ongoing and will impact capacity.

The implementation of routine PrEP was always going to be incremental as it is not possible for services to see hundreds of additional patients in a short period of time and the current situation will impact the pace at which we can implement.

The PrEP Impact trial has now concluded. Arrangements are in place to ensure current participants can access repeat prescriptions and we will to continue to support for self-funders of PrEP.

If you are thinking of using PrEP you can prepare now by looking at the information on the Greater Manchester website.

As soon as we are able to provide appointments for PrEP provision information will be posted on the web sites of individual services.

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