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Clinic Cancelled Today

Location: Wythenshawe Forum Clinic: Afternoon Walk-in clinic 12:30 - 14:30 Date: Thursday 27th February 2020 Please see Our Clinics for further information and alternative clinics

We offer pre-booked Contraception Appointments

Did you know that you can also telephone us for a contraception appointment?
If you are interested in a coil or implant, you can request a telephone counselling appointment.
Check the Our Clinics page for local clinic availability and contact details.


Worried about STIs (symptoms)

A lot of people with STI's will have no symptoms at all. We recommend having an STI screen when you change your sexual partner.

If you're worried about sexually transmitted infections, it’s best to get tested.

Symptoms and other relevant information can be found on: NHS website.

Click the Our Clinics page to see where your nearest clinic is.

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