Important Updates

Due to COVID-19 the majority of our clinics are now closed. We have temporarily moved to telephone appointments. Please do not come to clinic unless told to do so. There are significant delays on tests being processed and test results being sent out. Please bear with us. It is important that if you have been asked to attend one of our clinics, you wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth. Wherever possible please attend clinic alone. If there are any specific reasons you need to attend with someone else, this must be discussed during your telephone consultation.

Home Testing Kits


We are currently experiencing some delays. If you are ordering an asymptomatic home testing kit, please be aware that it will not be sent out until the week commencing Monday 26/10/2020. Thank you for your patience. 

Do you want a sexual health check-up for peace of mind?

  • Order an STI test kit online
  • Fill in the online form and a kit will be dispatched within 3-5 working days of your request.
  • Your kit will arrive in discreet packaging, labelled with your name, address and a returns label. 
  • Just pop your test(s) and form into the box, then into the free post envelope and put it in your nearest post box, back to us.
  • Once we have received your kit  your tests will then be processed and results given in approximately 3 weeks. 

If you have any queries please contact

Home Kit Order 

Important Information to remember

  • Due to restrictions relating to sending samples via airmail this service is only available to UK Mainland addresses

  • It takes up to 2 weeks since your last risk (the last time you had sex) for a Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea infection to show on any of the tests we do via post or in clinic

  • It takes up to 12 weeks/3 Months since your last risk (the last time you had sex) for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B infections to show on any of the tests we do via post or in clinic
    •   Hepatitis C infections takes up to 6 Months to show on our blood tests

  • If you do not fill in and return the form that comes with your samples we wont be able to process your tests and you will have to order another kit. All samples must also be labelled with your name and date of birth or tests will not be processed.

  • When returning your blood test you must include the Silica sachet inside the clear bag along with your test, if this is not returned you will be advised to repeat the test as it may affect the results.

  • If you have never attended a sexual health clinic before and are a gay man (man who has sex with men) or if you think you're at a higher risk of contracting infections. We recommend that you book online for a telephone consultation. 

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